5urich Insurance was founded in 2013 out of need to rethink value of art. Value creation, to be sure, has never seemed more intangible as today. As an independent artist, you probably have had the frustration of making shows for shows that don’t offer an artist fee. (If you do, congratulations, please do read on, as somewhere along the way you might find something helpful.) We would like to help you out with our unique 5urich property insurance plans.

In very simple language, our concept works as follows:

1. You as an artist pay a flexible, usually very minimal fee to join one of the insurance plans

1.5* Your work gets shown in a public or private institution, thereby gaining more speculative value. Meanwhile, we leverage on our financial instruments in markets

2. If your work gets damaged (a catalogue of means of damage may be ordered upon request. NOTE: we do not encourage violent acts of damaging), you may duly claim property insurance, which, in sum, exceeds that of average artist fee for an exhibition**

If your work does not get damaged through the exhibition period, you know you are supporting other artists with your insurance plan

Got questions? Contact us using the form below.

* This is a step that does not necessarily have to be explained in the process, thus the half number

** Detailed calculations are available upon request

© 5urich Insurance


5urich Insurance is an art + research project by Mi You
Please acknowledge the nature of this project before consultation

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